Hit hard and enjoy it T.C. Dodds, The person Who's with holy spirit, Kathleen Johnson Dodds. They are my precious spiritual Support on the mission of help yourself to help others to help themselse. The World is a mother of love. The Nature is a powerlove. The Forestry & River is a blood of life. How are we edoig the best love for all this love.
The human is a most precious natural resourcel. The we are living to obey the moon and the Sun. When The Sun rise at , 03.00 a.m. the body has to get up.
The pain is a Signal of lacking water and optimum food. But, The life now When the pain Comes you take the pain release pill. no food and water at all. The life become Shorter and more irritate, Then, You're talking more pain release pill until the doctor Say that your boy Could not recieve it any more because your liver is burnt and discover Concer liver agent. Why ! the people could not Know about their life.
Branded as a quack by many for promoting her vegetable juice for good health, Rosukon Poompanvong is adamant that she has never claimed to be a doctor but has always focused on pre ventive medicine.
Despite her doubtful qualifications, the 52-year-old woman has won international recognition for other aspects of her life organic farming and perseverance. In 2003,
she was honoured by the UNs Food and Agriculture Organisation for her outstanding accomplishment in organic farming. This year, she is one of the 11 winners of the 2007 Fervent Love of Lives Medals from Taiwans Chou Ta-kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation for having overcome exceptional life challenges.
I am not an illegal doctor because I dont provide treatment. We [her health farm] are just a home, not a hospital, Rosukon said firmly.
We make everyday home care. This is self-education healing.

What People are Doing Right
'No one comes here except the army-, it's too dangerous,' the driver told his passenger, a tiny but determined woman agricultural student. The area, in the mountains of Northern Thailand, had been devastated and depopulated by guerrilla warfare.
Article : from Dr.Rosukon Poompanvong

The Alternative medicine, offer you the Basic needed of the body to maintain the energy to sreve the cleansing System in any level of health.

John loved life and he fought to the end to hold on to it. He was never afrid to die but there were so many thing
The best to be long life
Stop thinking, Talking, The Quiet and the cheerfulness on Meditation is the best to get wisdom to share life on Daily Activities.
What is meant by nature cures ?
Healing is from within. In reality, it is nature that heals and cures; the naturopathic physician lends intelligent assistance and interprets nature's laws for the patient.
What is the difference between the terms naturopahty and nature cure ?
Naturopathy, nature cure, new science of healing from within are more or less similar and related terms.
What is naturopathy ?
Naturopathy is a system of medicine to diagnose, treat and prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity, for any physical, chemical or mental condition through the use of air, light, water, heat and all natural methods and modalities.
What is nature cure ?
Nature cure is a comprehensive term applied to all methods of treating diseases which aim at co-operating with the natural forces and defensive mechanism of the body.
Formula for Orientel Hotel Super Enzyme
Ozone has been recognized as the most powerful oxidant available to mankind.
Bottle Therapy
This is the balanced point to keep the right function of Serotonin Hormone and let the Endophin release which are helped the body relax and balance the portion between the solid and the liquid.
Life & Environment improvement through natural ozone
Just like the human body, Mother Earth produces symptoms of "illness" and pain, when not respected or looked after.
Why it has to be bio-products for life
Negates human weakness from anti-biotics, chemical concentrate and residual in vegetable, meat, bread, canned food, air and water pollution.
The diagnosis/the reality of cause
People suffering from various health problems due to malfunction or near breakdown of important organs like kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, lungs, etc. should practice for a minimum period of 2 weeks, and follow a disciplined life.
Preface The Prviege of birth
All animals are born with an unique balance with nature, whereas human beings are born very differently, set apart, by the ability to communicate through speech.
Once in my life
My sight was failing and I went to consult a western doctor many times with no success. I met my sister's friend and she advised me to stop working for a while and stay at the Health Farm in Rayong Province .
At HealthFarm : There are 10 people a day who suffer from cancer allergic symptom, kidney problems cigarrettes addiction, alcoholic insommia, hypertension, diabetic migrain.
How the Horse Could health the patients better ?
The horse is an animal , it can sense to the human very soft and tuft.
Horse Therapy
The horse is a magnificent creature with powerful healing capabilities. It has enormous reserves of energy that generates 746 volts and a thrust of 33,000 pounds per minute.
Enzyme Products
Use Enzyme Product
Efficiency of life through developing the ecology of body&mind for peace With the wonder of birth comes love & commitment.The body is a truly remarkable thing. For instance the body produces approximately 44,000 litres of blood which travels a distance of 60,000 miles in a typical lifetime.
Awareness and bio-products for quality of life
At our health farm, we are proud in maintaining the highest of standards, whether it be home-care, food-care or human-care. We are passionate about the maintenance of life to be life
Vegetable - juice cure : a case of victimising an alternative healer
I am writing in response to the article in The Sunday Nation (Feb 22) concerning a local healer. I have never before responded to a newspaper article but really felt I must to this one, and I hope what I say may in some way clear this issue.
Ask & Answer form Dr.Rosukon

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